Introducing our HEAVY DUTY Gravity Feeders. The Original Lou Gravity Feeder and our Lil’l Lou Gravity Feeder. Our Gravity Feeders are for all Animals. Lou Gravity feeders are built to last. Great as a Gravity Deer Feeder, Dog feeder or for the backyard farmers livestock. No tools, parts or batteries needed. Bear and Hogs can’t tip it over. Made to last with durable plastic here in North Georgia. Our original feeders that wore sold 6 years ago when we started are still being used today. We have designed a feeder that holds up the animals and elements. You can get your feeder to your liking and your Budget at our FEEDER STORE.

Our Original Lou Gravity Feeder. Light weight and Holds 145lbs of corn.
Our Lil’l Lou Gravity feeder holds 70lbs or corn or 40lbs of Dog Food.

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